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Background StoryEdit

Monzy was an only child to one of the wealthiest families on mobious. One day, when she was six years old, they drove to their summer beach house and got in a terrible car accident. Both of her parents died right away, but she survived. Her head cracked opened and nearly died. After the accident she lost her childhood memories, the only thing she could remember was that her parents died in a car accident and that her name was Monzy, nothing more, not even the fact that her parents were wealthy people. She was placed on an orphanage for two months, but she ran away, she hated the people who took care of her. She wondered into the streets, lost and confused, when little nine year old Sonic the Hedgehog found her. He took her home and his mother agreed to let her live with them. She lived with the hedgehogs until the age of thirteen, she moved to her own little apartment not too far away from sonic and his siblings.


Due to the accident, she is completly clueless and became the total opposite of what she used to be. She is a very cheerful, outgoing female hedgehog who can be an airhead sometimes and act very girly or like a little child though she is now 15. She hates selfish people, running, hot days and being lonely. She is inloved with chocolate chip cookies, she will do anything to get some. She also enjoys dancing, acting, shopping, cold days and hanging out with her friends. Her favorite foods are cookies, cotton candy, ice cream, and anything sweet.


She has a very social life, and spends most of her time with her friends since they are very important to her. She only stays close to her dearest friends.


Oliver The Hedgehog by Monkeycrazyness

Sonic The HedgehogEdit

The blue hedgehog is like an older brother to Monzy, she sees him as a role model and spends most of her time with the blue blur. They both have no romantic interest in each other, Sonic sees that inappropiate since he is three years older than her. Monzy doesn't care, but she sometimes flirt with him just to make Amy mad.

Amy RoseEdit

The only person Monzy seems to dislike. She says Amy tries too hard to get Sonic and gets really annoyed when Amy insists Monzy loves Sonic.

Sonia The HedgehogEdit

Sonia is one of the most important person in Monzy's life. Sonia taught her everything about how to be a lady and always takes her shopping for pretty cloth. They are truly very best friends, and Monzy wouldn't know what to do without her sister Sonia

Manic The HedeghogEdit

The green hedgehog who used to crush on Monzy, he used to bring her flowers and ask her out, but Monzy ignored him most of the time. Manic finally gave up when Monzy and Oliver started to get serious on their relationship. He still is very caring and along with Sonic and Sonia, sees her as a little sister.

Scourge The HedeghogEdit

Monzy used to have a HUGE crush on Scourge, just the way Amy does for Sonic. But after a while Scourge had enough of this little girl and crushed Monzy's heart. To this day, Scourge has vanished from her life, but there are some days when she still looks back and thinks of Scourge.

Oliver The HedeghogEdit

Monzy's true love, they met when they where just 12, and started dating at the age of 13. They broke up one day when Oliver and his dad, a very important business man, had a huge argument about what Oliver would do with his life. The poor Oliver still hurt, took out all his anger on Monzy by saying he didn't need her in his life. They broke up and didn't talk to each other in one year. When Oliver finally apologized for behavior and promised never to do it again.They got back together and have been a couple ever since.

Fisk The HedgehogEdit

A very mischiveous little hedgehog who you may see tagging along with Oliver and Monzy anywhere they go. His past is unknown, but seems to know a lot about Monzy. He ususally tries to stop Oliver from getting any closer to her, as if he was jealous. For a little seven year old, he has a very strong vocabulary.

Emilio The HedgehogEdit

Her future son who seem to always be quiete. In the past he has no relation with her like Fisk does


  • Her friends think that one of her parents might have been a bat, due to her extremely long ears, which are unusual for a hedgehog.
  • She is often compared to a blond, but she finds that rude and insulting.
  • Most guys call her the girl with pretty hair
  • She has extremely soft fur.
  • Her fur is light brown, but can turn light orange with the sunlight.

Theme songEdit

She only has one theme song, which is Firework by Katy Perry


Artwork from fans and friends of Monzy the hedgehog Hope you like it

G monzy by melinda 1-d332zsu

Artwork by Melinda-1

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Monzy logo by Blacky-Doll

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Monzy Chao by Extra-Fenix


Artwork by Monkeycrazyness

Ollipop and Cookie

Oliver and Monzy by Monkeycrazyness

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